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Why Partners? Why now?

We have been helping people find their way out of dark places for a very long time. They all have one thing in common: they bring themselves to a place of motivational crisis and when they are finally ready to reach out their hands, they need meaningful help they can understand.

And when they need that help, they need it NOW.

Not down the road after sitting on a waiting list. Right now. Before we come to our twisted “senses” and talk ourselves out of what we know is the right thing for us to be doing to get our lives back. I am not just talking about addictions. The costs of a broken marriage – in terms of heartache, grief, hurting children, legal fees etc. – are huge compared to the costs of couples and family counselling – done in a timely fashion to help that relationship and that family to flourish.

Partners Counselling and Education Services is an association of like-minded private practitioners, all of whom are seeking to make a difference and to address the many challenges facing people today. As our roster grows and as we are able to cover more and more areas and issues, it is my dream that all those who need help the most get it when they actually need it. All our Associates have training, education and – most importantly – personal experience in the areas in which they choose to provide counselling services. Each Associate has agreed to be clinically supervised by the Executive Director and Founder of Partners and has committed to continuing education and to keeping their skills and perspective current and vibrant.

We currently serve clients in York Region and south Simcoe County and are expanding our roster of qualified Counsellors every day. Our promise to you is a return call within 24 hours, an appointment with 7 days and a reasonable rate.

Partners Counselling and Education Services helps people thrive. We believe in your right to a full, happy and healthy life.

Jon S. White, Executive Director

No waiting lists. Ever.
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