The Ten Truths of Addictions

▸    You are not what you do.

▸    Intention can change everything.

▸     You are a unique and valuable human being whose contributions
and potential must not be lost.

▸    Everything you do, and all that you’ve done, has served you. It has also served those around you. Your recovery first challenges – and then offers a gift – to everyone in your life.

▸    Your brain can be trained to betray you, or to support you.

▸    You can’t heal an addiction with the same heart and mind that created it.

▸    Your addiction began as a positive response to a stressful experience, but the reasons why you started and the reasons why you continue are different.

▸    The narrative of your early life was not written by “you”
and may be a much better description of “them.”

▸    You continue to create an environment that “returns you to the scene of the crime” and keeps you in a situation similar to the one in which your addiction began.

▸    If nothing changes, nothing changes.

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