Managing Director Tina Martins-Morrison – Bradford Office

IMG_0544Tina Martins-Morrison holds an Honours Diploma in Addictions and Community Services and a Certificate in the Partners Professional Counselling Skills Program. Tina is Managing Director of our new Bradford office and looks forward to bringing her skills and multi-faceted experiences to this community.

Tina is fluent in both English and Portuguese.

For as long as I can remember, I have felt an overwhelming sense to help and guide others. I want to be able to make a difference through my understanding, knowledge, life experience and compassion for each and every person and to do it with genuine empathy.”

Working with Youth:

Tina’s education and life experiences have given her the ability and desire to work with youth and teens – helping them develop confidence, security within themselves and the resilience to deal with their everyday struggles. To this end, she provide individual counselling to children and young adults and their families.

Trauma Recovery:

Tina also works with those adapting to life after trauma and catastrophic injury, whether it be from assault or accident and has much personal experience in this area. This includes support and guidance in becoming aware of and navigating one’s way through available resources and programs to help you and your loved ones move forward.

Fertility Counselling & Support:

Additionally, as a woman trying to start a family, Tina had to navigate and grow through her own experiences with fertility. From this she learned about the struggles in choosing the right clinic and what options are actually available. Tina now works with couples dealing with the strain on the relationship throughout this process, including the financial strain on their family. She assists them to find their way through the emotional struggles and frustrations when there may be no clear answers, and to understand the process and what they can expect.

Tina has a robust one-year-old son.


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