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Head ShotJennifer Febel, BA, NLP, TLT, CHt

Jennifer is a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist and holds a degree in Psychology. Her unique brand of therapeutic techniques allows you to get in touch with your inner wisdom and experience powerful, personal transformation as you connect fully with your inner resources and live a more inspired and productive life.

Life Coaching is based upon the belief that YOU, the client, are whole, complete, resourceful and creative. It is about generating the life you want and removing the old emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. As your coach, Jennifer is your partner on this journey, and provides you with support, insights, tools and strategies to help you access your inner wisdom and assist you in recognizing what is keeping you stuck so that you can move beyond it.

Let go of your past and achieve more balance and clarity in your life.

  • – Fears/Phobia Elimination
  • – Anxiety and Low Self Esteem
  • – Stress Management
  • – Health Goals/Weight Loss
  • – Smoking Cessation

Jennifer operates out of her home-based meditation space in Bradford and works with clients from all across Simcoe County, York Region and the GTA.

Is Life Coaching right for you? It is:

If you’re frustrated with traditional treatments for anxiety, stress and depression and feel like you’re going nowhere.

If you have been working hard to change and still haven’t found the inner peace you crave.

If you have given up hoping that something better will come along and have resigned yourself to the belief that “this is all there is”….

It’s time to try something different!

Contact Jennifer today to book your complimentary 30-minute phone consultation and take the first step on your new path to self actualization and empowerment!

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