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VicPicVicki Maguire is an accomplished manager and human resources professional with over 15 years of business experience. Her areas of expertise include: portfolio management, resume building, networking and career counselling. Vicki is also skilled in areas of recruitment, training and public speaking. She is an exceptional trainer and mentor with skills to motivate individuals to and in their careers.

Vicki has a passion for watching others succeed. She is dedicated to helping others grow and to thrive in their chosen fields. She brings a unique ability to empower, teach and to motivate individuals to strive beyond their limits to reach their fullest possibilities.

Whether it is your first job, second career or a promotion, Vicki can assist you. She is bilingual in English and French. Vicki has a Certificate in Professional Counselling Skills as well as being certified in Applied Suicide Intervention Strategies (ASIST). Vicki also offers counselling for self-esteem and confidence building, dealing with bullying and recovery from sexual assault.

Vicki’s services include a five-point package that can be delivered in its entirety in five sessions or each topic is stand alone and can be taken individually in one session, as you choose:

Your Job Hunt – Doing it Right!

Session One: Creating your Resume

Session Two: Building your Portfolio

Session Three: Networking and the Job Hunt

Session Four: Interviewing and Salary Negotiation

Session Five: Leveraging Social Media (LinkedIn and Facebook)

This program is offered one-on-one or in a group setting.

As your Career Counsellor, Vicki will have an initial session with you to discuss what career(s) you are looking for, what experience you bring, etc. Then she will help you build your resume, properly, professionally and design it to get results.

Whether it is your first job ever, or you are a mom returning to the work force, you are seeking a promotion or a career change, Vicki is on hand to maximize your chances of getting what you really want.

Vicki also presents a group for Return-to-Work Moms, including getting you job ready and dealing with hesitations, concerns and fears of returning to the work force and separating from the children to do so.

Also: keep an eye on this space for Vicki’s remarkable new group for improving self-esteem, confidence and maturity for teenage girls: Finding My Selfie!

Vicki Maguire practices from our Bradford office, but does group counselling from both our Bradford and Keswick offices. She is fully bilingual in English and French. Vicki may be reached at: or by calling our Bradford offices at: 905-775-HELP (4357)


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