Couples Counselling

There are a lot of reasons why couples come to us for counselling.

Some are about to marry or to cohabitate and want to start off on the right foot. Some have been living together for some time and have accumulated issues that they wish to address. Many come to learn the skills of communication, parenting, conflict resolution or forgiveness. Some come to understand that they have carried forward unresolved issues and hurt from the past into their relationships and now those are affecting their happiness and ability to be fully in relationship with another.

Some, unfortunately, believe their relationships to be at an end. They wish to determine if it is indeed over and, if so, to seek family law mediation and to create a separation in the most cost-effective and civil manner – with the children’s interests and needs put first and foremost.

Whatever your reasons for asking for help with your relationship, Partners Counselling & Education Services can help. We are experts in communication skills and strategies and know that often couples do not see, hear nor experience the relationship in the same ways. There are reasons for that and our Counsellors will explore these reasons with you and your partner. Relationships are a laboratory for the development of trust, intimacy and mutual encouragement and support. But, these are skills that are not taught in school and for many of us, still need to be learned.

What is intimacy? How is it created in relationships? What are the illusions of intimacy for which we often settle? How and why do men and women perceive and allow intimacy differently? As humans are we programmed for joyful limitlessness….or painful limitation? Can intimacy be created, enhanced and sustained for a lifetime? Can two very different personalities be trained to communicate almost flawlessly?

Partners Counselling & Education Services believes almost all couples can be taught to thrive. There was a very powerful reason that you were drawn to each other and, despite behaviours and circumstances to the contrary, there may still be some powerful forces that will heal you both and hold your lives together.

For all the consequences: emotional, financial and to any children of the relationship, it is worth coming for an assessment to determine the areas of your relationship that need to be addressed.

Partners Couples Counselling and
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