Professional Counselling Skills Certificate Program

Professional Counselling Skills Certificate Program

60 – hour intensive program, delivered in twelve 5 hr. sessions
on alternating Sundays, commencing on October 30, 2016.


A Counselling Skills Certificate Program, to include:

✓    Interviewing and Counselling Techniques                       20 hrs.
✓    Ethics of the Counselling Relationship                            10 hrs.
✓    Family & Systems Theory in Counselling                        15 hrs.
✓    Psycho-educational Group Design & Facilitation            10 hrs.
✓    Secondary Traumatic Stress & Self-Care                         5 hrs.

This is an intensive, hands-on experience in which you will be expected to participate in clinical dyads and groups; lead groups, examine
family-of-origin issues and to do homework and assignments.

Full Tuition Only: $2050.00
Sessional Payment Plan available ($175/session)

For further information contact:

Jon White, Executive Director • 905-476-6913

All sessions held at our Seminar Room at Partners Head Office:
775 Lennox Ave., Island Grove (Keswick), ON

Session Dates:

Sundays 10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
(30 min. lunch) 

  • October 30th, 2016
  • November 13th and 27th
  • December 4th and 18th
  • January 8th, 15th and 29th, 2017
  • February 12th and 26th
  • March 5th and 12th

Who should take this Course?

This course is designed to teach solid professional coaching/counselling skills to those who are currently in the helping professions or for those feeling called to work with the struggles of others.

Also, many people working in alternative health practices like Reflexology, Reiki and the many holistic energy and body work fields would benefit from having a framework of professional and ethical coaching/counselling skills to enhance their practices.

For some people, they have always seemed to be the one to whom everyone turned for advice. Sometimes, this can be a double-edged sword and seem like a burden. Why don’t people take that advice? Why do they keep asking me, but doing very little to change their lives?  What do I need to learn to be the most effective helper I can be?

For other people, they are aware they have been helping others their entire lives and would like now to formalize that calling by getting the education and experience necessary to do it professionally, safely and ethically.

Perhaps, like Graduate and Partners Associate Kim Held of Wasaga Beach, you are a survivor of a threat like cancer and want the training to be able to share your story with the world and to help others. Check out what Kim is doing now, with the skills she learned and the journey she took through the Partners Professional Coaching Skills Certificate Program.

Perhaps, like Graduate Lynn Mitanoff of Newmarket, you are a practicing Reflexologist or Holistic Practitioner and  wish more structure in your practice and to add to your repertoire of skills. Lynn has also become a Partner of Partners Counselling & Education Services.

Perhaps, like film maker and Graduate Tracy Peters of Huntsville, your life and responsibilities as a working mother do not permit you to return to University for another degree at this time, but you wish to get down to the business of helping others.

This is not a University nor a College course. This is a Certificate Program designed:

•    to enable students to complement practices at which they are already successful and to provide skill and perspective to become the best professional they can be;
•    to enable mature individuals who seek to coach others through experiences at which they have already been successful; and
•    to enable individuals wanting to live the dream of helping others, but who are unable or unwilling to return to University or College for an expensive program that entails more than their core interest.


Your Instructor: Jon S. White

Mr. White is a Family Therapist, an Addictions Counsellor and the Executive Director of Partners Counselling & Education Services.  He is also the Founder and International Director of Dream School International.  Jon has worked extensively with men, women and children in Canada, the U.S. and the former Soviet Union and with children and families in Bosnia and Croatia during the war there.  He also worked extensively on the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. Jon is a skilled and experienced therapist in dealing with trauma and loss and has counselled Canadian Forces members for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder arising from foreign service.  He has wide-ranging experience working with adults around the issues of anger management and partner abuse, sexual abuse, alcoholism and substance abuse.

Jon has been in private practice continuously for over 30 years.  Conservatively, he has done more than 35,000 direct clinical hours with clients: children, teens, adults, couples and families.  Additionally, he has delivered close to 1000 psycho-educational and therapeutic group sessions.  Many of these individual and group sessions had substance abuse and addictions as a core feature.  He has taught and lectured extensively to children and adults, private corporations, school boards, staff and students from elementary through to college level schools and universities.

For four years, Mr. White was also the Lead Instructor of the Addictions and Community Services Worker Program at a College in York Region, ON.


  • “Quiet Desperation: The Neglected Tragedy of Male Suicide in Canada”
  • “Roofies, Roaches and Rainbows,” a guide to 2000 drugs and psychoactive   substances,  organized by street name;
  • “Yearnings: The Artful Technology of Impossible Dreaming”
  •  “Sacred Hearts: Stories of the Children of War in Bosnia and the Children of Chornobyl”
  • “Dancing with Katrina,” the story of his experiences as “Canada Jon” in southern Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina;
  • “Dedicated Dads” – evidence-based parenting for fathers of children 0-16 years.

Honours and Awards:

Governor-General’s Award
Governor-General, Vasily Silenko, of Cherkassy Region, Ukraine
For his work in Ukraine in 1996 and for his story “A Picnic in Pripyat,” concerning his personal journey to Chernobyl, on the tenth anniversary of the disaster, in 1996.

Governor’s Award for Meritorious Service to the People of Mississippi
Governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour
For his volunteer recovery and rebuilding work in Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina
as Founder of C.O.D.R.A. – The Coalition of Disaster Relief Agencies in Pearlington, Mississippi

2010 Dream Award
– For teaching excellence

What our graduate students are saying:

“I am a university graduate already, and had begun a second degree in child and family studies, but the extraneous electives and introductory courses had me underestimated as a mature student and a seasoned professional, not to mention, I was over-spending my prime resources; my time and my money.

The Partners Professional Coaching Skills Certificate program is an intensive, in-depth and dynamic educational experience like nothing else currently available in the field of counselling and coaching.  Jon White’s 30 years of hands-on experience, global vision and expert teaching methods fast-tracked me to getting all the tools I needed in a concentrated period of time to begin my own private practice the day I finished.
What can I say?  Other than the truth….I finally found a course that delivered on every front.”
– T.P., Muskoka, ON

“One of Jon White’s greatest gifts to his students is his ability to manifest a learning experience that integrates each individual student’s dreams and goals towards a career in counselling into his classes.  I chose to take the Coaching Skills Program in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a Life Skills Coach for cancer patients and cancer survivors.  Taking this course has given me the skills and confidence to live my dream. “
– K.H., Wasaga Beach, ON

“This course is very useful for anyone in the helping field who would like to update or expand their skills. I have learned some very valuable information that I have used in my everyday life.”
– M.R., Addiction Counsellor, Georgina, ON

“This course has had a profound effect on my life.  Jon’s teaching style is a gift.  This course has challenged me in so many ways and for that I am so grateful.  I know I am going to be a great counsellor because of Jon and his ability to be so raw and authentic. This course teaches you what other classrooms can’t.  It’s real, it’s about people and how we as helpers can make a difference, one person at a time.  This course will change your life and exceed any expectations.”
– M.S., Wasaga Beach, ON

“If I was unsure before, I am certainly not unsure now.  This class has made me realize that I was born to help people.  I have always doubted that I had the ability to counsel anyone but this class taught me that I have been doing this my whole life.  This course has helped fine tune my skills and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a career in the coaching and counselling field.

The approach to learning is amazing.  Jon has an incredible ability to adapt to everyone’s learning style. The intimate and personal forum of his delivery allows us all to grow and learn at a pace that works for everyone. This course has made my life better, both personally and professionally.  Be prepared to enter this program as one person but leave as a bigger and better one!

Thanks Jon! A door you happily opened that I hesitantly walked through and so very glad I did!”
– D.R. – Innisfil, ON

“I am overwhelmed with joy beginning this part of my life.  On the drive to my class, I was nervous all the way there.  This is the first time in my life that I have made a decision for myself, especially for my career.  As I pulled into the driveway of Partners, my nerves began to make my knees knock and I wanted to turn around and go home. My mind began racing and all sorts of crazy thoughts were running through in my head. Then Jon stepped out on the porch with the most welcoming smile I have ever seen.  He didn’t have to even say a word, just the smile alone; I felt instantly relieved and ready to start my journey.

As the day went on, I continued to feel overwhelmed.  I knew I was in the right place to make positive choices for my future.  During the session, I had to fight back the tears because I was so excited.  My first day was amazing and eye-opening.  My life is changed and I can’t go back now!  I am committed and motivated to make my life work.  This course is going to guide me to be a better counsellor and person!”

– N.C. – Durham. ON



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