See If You Can Hear What I Feel

See If You Can Hear What I Feel:
Clinical Communication and Instant Rapport-Building

Note: the full exploration and understanding of this material
is available nowhere else and is the culmination of 30 years
of learning, training, observation and clinical application
in Canada, the U.S., the Soviet Union and in other parts of the world.

This ground-breaking seminar explores the impact of Learning and Processing Modalities (Auditory Visual, Kinesthetic)  on learning, behaving in the world and on communication. It examines the impact of a difference in modalities within any relationship or learning environment and how to use an understanding of these modalities to form instant rapport with clients and to tailor your counselling approaches and delivery to maximize the empowerment of clients. Especially vital in working with youth and couples. Includes full information on how to also use eye movement, verbal expressions and body language to identify the client’s modality instantly.

You will also come to understand your own modality and how you, your family
and friends learn, experience the world and deal with emotion!

8 hours    Certificate of Completion    $150.00

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