The Art of Counselling

The Art of Counselling:
An Advanced Certificate Program for Practicing Professionals

Those of us in the Counselling professions should be aware that therapeutic skill alone will make us nothing more than detached technicians. A thorough knowledge of the tools is important, but tools alone don’t build a mansion – carpenters do. In the hands of a brilliant Counsellor, the tools used can be transformed to create positive change, empowerment and even miracles.

Be cautious here: this program is designed to challenge you to be able to go into the forest and lead clients out, not to stand safely on the road and hope they can find their way to you. Artists live and breathe their work and it is an extension of their Spirit.

Includes a basic understanding of the materials of our seminar:
See If You Can Hear What I Feel

8 hours    Certificate of Completion    $150.00

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