Anneille Ward – Youth Services Coordinator & General Counsellor

IMG_416From a very young age, Anneille felt like she was here for a purpose. She grew up in Keswick and attended local public and secondary schools. Anneille was subject to severe traumatic bullying for the majority of her grade school years. Her experiences left her with a non-existent self-esteem, and little confidence or self-worth. She then  attended secondary school and experienced a new level of bullying that included cyber bullying, racism, and crude rumours. She lived a terrible reality for many years and come close to giving up, but luckily she discovered and embraced her talent and love for music.

Some years later Anneille enrolled at College and trained as an Addictions Counsellor & Community Services Worker. There, she did very well in her studies and took a tremendous fearless moral inventory and “cleaned out her closet”. She was elected College Valedictorian and graduated with honours, receiving one of the best final exam scores recorded.

Anneille draws from her personal experiences with bullying and the hardships she faced, to help the youth of today. She has a first hand, no nonsense, empathetic approach to kids, and they respond well to her energy, nurturing dynamic and authentic presence. She understands the obstacles that our youth are up against and approaches the difficult and delicate topics in the safe and trusting environment that she creates. It was from her knowledge and personal experience she created her resiliency building group How to Stand Up to the Hard Stuff ©.

Anneille offers services to adults as well. She enjoys being able to offer people the help they want. She understands that the scars of bullying and negative life experiences can continue to affect and wound people well into their adult lives. She is passionate about resiliency building and helping people learn the ability to `bounce back` from the adversities they face.

Anneille is also involved in many energetic healing techniques as well. She continues to expand her skills, knowledge and tools to give her clients the most complete and diverse experience possible. She believes in everyone’s right to live a happy and healthy life and practices unconditional positive regard, not only for her clients, but for all people.

Anneille offers the following services and more.…

•    Individual and group counselling
•    Self-esteem
•    Anger management
•    Communication
•    Destructive behaviours
•    Resiliency building
•    Education (Drugs and alcohol, sex, pregnancy, and more..)

•    Guided meditations
•    Reiki
•    Muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology)
•    Conscious/Spiritual Counselling

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