Mindy Ralston – Youth Services & Addictions Counsellor

Mindy Ralston always wanted to be the person she didn’t have and couldn’t find when she really needed it. Like most great Counsellors, Mindy is motivated by her own experiences and understands that back in the days when she was struggling, people around her either didn’t believe or understand the feelings she was having nor the thoughts that went through her head sometimes.

Mindy knows that for many young people, these thoughts and feelings are all too real, with very real consequences. At Partners Counselling & Education Services, each Partner and Associate, like Mindy, has taken their own path to healing and have earned the right to guide others. For each of us, we continue to challenge ourselves to learn, grow, heal and to stay conscious of each step of our personal journeys.

A trained Addictions Counsellor, Mindy also offers individual and group counselling to young people and teens struggling with events in their lives that have left them hurting themselves in a wide variety of ways:

•    cutting, carving, slashing, wounding
•    excessive body piercing and/or tattooing
•    self-assault
•    purposeful exposure to AIDS/HIV/Hep C/STD’s etc.
•    anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating
•    compulsive misuse of tobacco, alcohol, street drugs, prescribed medications
•    excessive high-risk activities and/or extreme sports
•    continual high-risk operation of motorized vehicles
•    promiscuity, stripping, escorting, prostitution

•    constant choosing of abusive or high-risk relationships
•    constant returning to the same abusive relationship
•    over-spending, not paying bills, avoiding creditors
•    attracting dysfunctional friendships
•    disrespectful activities on the Internet or phone services: high risk sites, abusive chat conversations, high risk meetings, illegal activities

•    constant negative self-talk
•    creating intensity by always needing to “stir the pot” when things are too quiet
•    self-sabotaging choices: sleeping late, being late for work, not doing homework or assignments

For more information on the Group Counselling Program Mindy created and offers regularly, please visit:


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