Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

This Code of Ethics is intended to inform and guide Counsellors, Coaches and other professionals in the helping professions. It will evolve and grow and also serve as an Ethical Decision-Making model.

All Partners and Associates of Partners Counselling & Education Services hold these values in their personal and professional lives and are held accountable to these tenets.

  • I am committed to, firstly, doing no harm;
  • I am committed to the concepts that, within the counselling relationship, the client is of first importance and that my clinical approaches will always be used in the client’s best interest;
  • I am committed to ensuring the confidentiality, privacy and safety of my clients at all times and I recognize that there may be required breaches to my client’s confidentiality, as required by law;
  • I am committed to maintaining my own good mental health and the quality of my relationships. I accept that I cannot and will not, attempt to progress a client clinically or spiritually to a place I have not personally had the courage or willingness to go myself;
  • I am committed to regularly receiving qualified Clinical Supervision, so that counter-transference, secondary trauma and compassion fatigue are all kept within reasonable and manageable limits;
  • I am committed to accepting the judgement of said Clinical Supervisor in the case of unmanageable  counter-transference, secondary trauma and/or compassion fatigue;
  • I am committed to the creation, implementation and regular review – with my Clinical Supervisor – of my Self-Care Plan, which includes consideration of my life in the following areas: physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually;
  • I am committed to continuing my education and expanding my repertoire of skills and understanding of my profession. I recognize that learning is a lifetime responsibility;
  • I am committed to honouring my colleagues and other practitioners and I will refer any concerns either directly to that practitioner, to their governing or regulatory bodies, or to my Clinical Supervisor, rather than to disparage other practitioners in front of my clients and colleagues;
  • I am committed to respecting the rights of all others, without judgement nor favouritism and to an understanding that all clinical relationships are multi-cultural by their very essence;
  • I am committed to seeking through consultation, education, supervision or from the client him/herself the awareness and perspective necessary to be culturally appropriate and to endeavour to accept that no other person thinks, acts or experiences the world necessarily as I do;
  • I am committed to making every effort to avoid dual relationships with clients that could impair my professional judgment or increase the risk of harm to clients.

Please note: Each Practitioner who provides services under the banner of, or in connection with, Partners Counselling & Education Services has signed a copy of this Code of Ethics, which has been retained – along with their Criminal Records Check – at our Head Office.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Executive Director Jon White or to Managing Director Marian Killoran.

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