Family Counselling

Addicted FamilyAddiction, of course, affects everyone in a relationship with the addicted person. Partners Addictions and Family Services provides supportive and informative counselling for partners, parents and the children of those struggling with an addiction.

Often, there is an expectation that the alcoholic/drug addict returns from counselling and/or treatment and that everything will be better now. The reality is that all members of the family living with an addicted person have had to make adaptations and changes to make it possible to stay in relationship with the addicted person.

In the case of wives and husbands, work still has to be done to alter the “dance of addiction” between the addicted person and his or her partner. Often, there is much residual and justified anger and resentment that needs to be addressed, if the relationship is to move forward healthfully. Additionally, there are many things a partner can do to support the addicted person’s continued sobriety and many things they should NOT do.

In the case of children, they have even less ability to cope with a parent who is addicted. Consequently, the adaptations and changes that they have had to make can have lifelong consequences for these children, unless counselling is provided them, once the active addiction is resolved.

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