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Frankly, I wasn’t sure at first if Remote Delivery of Counselling Services could be as effective, but it has proven to be a remarkable method of connecting with clients all over the world. We are currently using Skype or FaceTime to work with clients across Canada from Newfoundland to British Columbia, into the United States and even as far away as eastern Europe.

Sometimes, because of distance and/or weather, it is just not possible to attend sessions at our offices in Keswick. Because of our 32 years of experience working with people, it is possible still to employ these media to use body language, facial expressions, tonality and – of course – auditory information to inform us of the best ways to help you.

All that is required on your end is a hi-speed connection and for you to download Skype FREE at:

If you are on a cell phone or other mobile device, you may also download Skype FREE for Android or iPhone devices at:

There are no charges associated with using Skype.

FaceTime is also available and requires you to have an iPhone and the provision of your cell phone number.

Once loaded on your desktop or mobile device, you may choose a Skype identification(name) and communicate it to your Counsellor. We will send you an invitation to connect and we are in business!

Our two Counsellors using this service – and their Skype identifications – are:

Jon White, Executive Director: partnersjon1

Marian Killoran, Managing Director: marianrose3

Because of the wide-range of services Partners Counselling offers, there are still some circumstances under which we continue to require your physical presence, such as: group counselling, educational programs, drug testing, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and other energy work, etc.

Remote Delivery is excellent for one-on-one and couples counselling, where attendance at our offices is not feasible. Payment can be made in advance by electronic e-transfer, cheque or credit card. Please email us for our fees and other information at: or by calling us at: 905-476-6913.

We hope this service makes it easier and more possible to get the help and support you require. Partners Counselling & Education Services continues to make our well-known three promises:

To reply to your contact WITHIN 24 HOURS

To book you an appointment WITHIN SEVEN (7) DAYS

To charge you a REASONABLE FEE

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