Treatment Aftercare and Continuing Care


Once Treatment has successfully detoxified the client (a process usually requiring medical supervision, as withdrawal from some drugs and from alcohol can be unpleasant and potentially dangerous), the client faces a challenging period called Post Acute Withdrawal. In these early days of recovery, it is critical to become attached to an Addiction Counsellor to monitor these early days of recovery, to be encouraged to use all tools available – many of them free and easily accessible – to support sobriety.

The Counsellor will also begin to teach Relapse Prevention Strategies and to support the client in remaining abstinent. It is during this phase that the client should also consider begin to address the sometimes traumatic underlying issues concerning why they began hurting themselves in this manner, in the first place.

Continuing Care:

Partners Addictions Services provides on-going therapy by Executive Director Jon White to assist clients in doing the internal work to be forever free of addiction. All such addictions have such a strong element of self-abuse, that needs to be addressed to move past abstinence into healthy sober living.

To this end, Partners provides 5-, 10-  and 26-session packages at a reduced fee, to assist people in learning to live their lives in freedom and with purpose. Please call or email for these fees.

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