PicThe THREE most important benefits of MEDITATING on a regular basis:

There are many forms of meditation and many reasons for doing it.  All forms are concentrated on temporarily ‘leaving’ your hectic lifestyle for a while each day.  The third most important benefit of doing this would be to relieve stress.  While you are meditating, you are lowering your heart rate, your breathing becomes measured and slower and your body has an opportunity to relax and unwind from tense and busy activities that seem to never stop.

The second most important benefit of meditation is to connect to your Self.  When you are out in the world, talking, working, thinking, worrying, planning and doing, you can sometimes forget that you have the wisdom of the Universe inside of you.  Meditation gives you the opportunity to consciously seek the intuitive advice of your own higher self.  Getting quiet and concentrating on ‘nothing’ sets up the ultimate environment for your own still small voice to be heard by you!

Most importantly, meditating is something that benefits the rest of the world, even if we are sitting in our homes, quietly and alone.  We are tapping into the energetic place where others are meditating and our practice becomes bigger than the whole.  Meditating in a group can only enhance that even more.  All those individuals in meditation and all groups who meet regularly positively influence the world as a whole, including every living thing.  What a powerful reason to start meditating today!



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