Certified Drug Testing

Partners Addictions and Family Services now offers accurate Urine and Saliva testing.

This service can assist not only in identifying those currently using a variety of common street drugs, but also those who have used those drugs in the recent past. Each drug of abuse has a different rate of metabolization (the process of breaking down the drug in the body, prior to excretion), so the window of detection varies.

Drug testing is an invaluable tool to aid in accountability after Intervention and/or Treatment, to ensure the family and others that the person in recovery is staying free of drugs, but it also helps the person in recovery to prove the abstinence and to begin to rebuild trust.

Home Testing:

Urine Tests are available for home use, as well. The Urine Tests are $12.00 ea. taxes incl. and come with full instructions on how to easily use them and to interpret the results accurately. Additionally, we will send free information on any drugs you may want to know about.

If you purchase 10 of the tests at once for $125.00, included will be an electronic copy of Jon White’s book called Roofies, Roaches and Rainbows, which lists over 1800 drugs alphabetically by their street names and valuable information on those drugs, including their primary and secondary effects and consequences of use.

Shipping is extra and tests are inexpensively sent via Canada Post, unless more urgently required.

* Member: Drug & Alcohol Testing Association of Canada
* Jon White is a Certified Specimen Collector, DATAC

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