Krystal Maven, A.C.S.W.

MavenKrystal Maven holds a Diploma in Addictions and Community Services and a Certificate in the Partners Professional Counselling Skills Program.

Additionally, Krystal is a Certified Trainer in delivery of the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) program and delivers this program, with her co-leader, for Partners.

Growing up, Krystal was the eldest child and learned very quickly the role she played in her family.  Her mother and step-father  worked many hours and so most of the daily responsibilities fell upon her to carry out. Her father lived out of the province and was absent for most of her childhood. Krystal often felt alone and not truly a part of a family unit.

At the age of 16 Krystal found out she was pregnant. Her life changed very quickly. The struggles a “normal “16-yr-old didn’t matter anymore. It was now time to get ready for a baby and to do it all by herself. She understands very well the struggles within a dysfunctional family and the importance of having support.  From her experiences, and now training in the helping field, Krystal strives to live everyday to the fullest and give help and support to those who may be struggling.

With her training, Krystal seeks to reach out and appropriately help others who are struggling. Krystal brings to the ASIST program compassion, skill and a solid belief in the potential of others and in their right to a full and satisfying life.

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