Individual Counselling

The Chinese have a saying: “May you live in interesting times.” Sometimes, however, our lives can get just a little too “interesting.”

Choosing to select a Counsellor with whom to do some individual work does not mean you are “crazy” or “mentally ill” or “messed up” any more than taking your car to a mechanic automatically means that you’re a bad driver. Lots of things come up in a life that require some assistance in getting a better perspective of ourselves and get some new tools to assist us in having a happier and healthier life.

Sometimes, events in the past and in our childhood caused us to adapt, to begin doing certain behaviours to protect ourselves. These behaviours may have been sensible and useful then, but not so sensible nor useful any more. For instance, closing down emotionally because you had your heart broken will only ensure that it stays broken your whole life.

When you come for counselling, you will meet a professional who will always treat you with unconditional positive regard. There will be no judgements, no blame, no shame.

We have all traveled a winding road in our lives and each of our Counsellors is only with you to hear you out, to help you see things differently, to provide tools and strategies and treatments designed to assist you in feeling better than you have before. For all our clients, we ensure an atmosphere of privacy and confidentiality.

Our Counsellors have had their own struggles and their own challenging pasts. They have all had their own counselling and have committed to continuing that journey every single day. It is our ethical responsibility to stay conscious of our own choices and behaviours. The fact that we are ever prepared to “walk our talk” is what entitled us to become Counsellors with Partners.


Services for Men:
In 1977, Social Worker Lawrence Radko wrote in response to the statement that males in Canadian society have all the privilege:

“By what perverse logic can the male consider himself ‘top dog’ when he’s emotionally repressed, out of touch with his body, alienated and isolated from other men, afraid to ask for help, terrorized by failure, thrown out on a moment’s notice on the occupational junk pile – and all he’s ever known is how to work? The male in our culture is in a growth impasse. He can’t move.”

Have we grown as men since? In what ways? More than a quarter of a century later, are we happier, more fulfilled, more in touch with ourselves and others? Have the women in our lives been successful in teaching us how to “share” ourselves?

A Chance to Change: Men’s issues addressed through individual and/or group counselling and education:

❏  Anger Management/Partner Abuse
❏  Jealousy/Trust
❏  Separation/Divorce
❏  Communication
❏  Fathering/Step Parenting
❏  Stress
❏  Self-Esteem


Services for Women:
Our programs are designed to assist women in their journeys toward self-responsibility and personal healing.  Through individual and group education, personal reflection and counselling, it is possible to live in a completely “conscious” manner – responsible for each choice made, self-dependent, and in full charge of one’s destiny.

Elements include:
❏    recovering from abuse
❏    improving self-esteem
❏    emotion management
❏    parenting and step-parenting
❏    communication
❏    forgiveness
❏    meditation
❏    happiness
❏    creating
❏    living and loving appropriately

Individual Counselling Services.

No waiting lists. Ever.
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